Qwik City Overview

Qwik City is a companion meta-framework to Qwik. Use Qwik City to create websites and webapps. (Currently, Qwik City is focusing on multi-page-application (MPA) development, but single-page-application (SPA) development is next on our roadmap.)

Use Qwik City to build an e-commerce website, blog site, or any other website that needs routing, layouts, templating, data retrieval/updates, and behavior. Qwik City is built on Qwik, and therefore Qwik City sites are resumable and only download the minimal amount of JavaScript with fine-grained lazy loading.

Qwik City provides:

  • File-based routing
  • Nested layouts
  • File-based menus
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Support authoring content with .tsx or .mdx file formats
  • Data endpoints

Qwik City sites are fast by default:

  • Are resumable
  • Download minimal JavaScript
  • Come with Partytown

To follow along with this guide, run the Qwik CLI in your command line:

npm init qwik@latest

When prompted, choose a name for your project and Qwik City as your starter.